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Tax Collector » Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate
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This page contains information intended to assist Escrow Companies who are clearing Mobile Homes for sale.

If you are not an Escrow company doing this kind of business or doing your own Mobile Home tax certificate
you will probably not find this information to be of interest.

Fill out the form below to check the status of your clearance certificate if you have previously made a request on this website.
Decal Number
(from previous request)
Partial Decal number accepted; i.e. 1234 will find all Decals such as "xxx 1234"
Escrow Company
(from previous request)
Partial Escrow Company names accepted; i.e. "FICT" will find all Clearances requested by "FICTIONAL ESCROW COMPANY"
Request Number
(from previous request)
Request Number provided to you when the request was submitted.